Objective questions

Pick your answers from the alternatives given



read this comprehension passage carefully and answer the questions that follows

One day a little girl found 30 gold pieces on the path leading to their home.

The girl Sola gave the money to her father Mr Yemi

The friend of the girl’s father Mr Kolawole complained that he lost some money

The girl’s father gave the money to his friend Mr Kolawole.

Being a greedy person he counted the money and said that his money is 40 gold coins.

He complained in the court and the girl and her father were invited.

After hearing their defence the presiding judge said that the money does not belong to Mr Kolawole.

He was told to look for his 40 coins elsewhere


1. what is the name of the little girl?

2. what is her father’s name ?

3. what is the name of the friend of the girl’s father?

4. How much did the girl see on the ground ?

5. Why did Mr Kolawole said that his money is 40 coins ?

6.Did the judge give Mr Kolawole 40 gold coins?

7. What happened to Mr Kolawole at the end ?

8.To be a greedy person is bad or good ?

9 Give this passage a suitable title.

10 are you a greedy person?

Fill in the gaps with the most suitable word.

1. Please switch on the
a fan
b van
c ban

2. I am — happy to see you a very
b fery
c berry

3.The car was running too
a vast
b fast
c past

4. — I see you on Monday ?
a shall
b will

5.— we go to Canada next Friday ?
a shall
b will

6. — school reopens next month ?
a shall
b will

7.—he be invited for the interview ?
a shall
b will